Vneshaudit consulting LLC is an audit organization that in accordance with Russian law conducted an audit of the Bank's accounting (financial) statements and consolidated financial statements for 2018 prepared in accordance with IFRS..

OOO " Vneshaudit consulting»

Membership in SRO:

It is a member of self-regulating organization of auditors "Russian Union of auditors" (Association), accredited by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation (Order of MF RF from 26 November 2009 No. 578, record reg. number of entering information in the registry - 03). The entry in the register of auditors and audit organizations of the SRO RSA is ORNZ 10203000816 of December 28, 2009 (Certificate of the SRO RSA of February 15, 2010).

Legal address: 10 Prechistenka street, office 15, Moscow, 119034
OGRN: 1037739256180
The Internet: