Decision in 2 hours, online review

Remote issuance without a client's visit to the Bank via an electronic platform

Possibility of providing a guarantee in the absence of a Bank account

Minimum set of documents

Without collateral or guarantee
Express guarantees without a client's visit to the Bank

Terms of service

  • The guarantee amount is up to 15 million rubles.
  • The limit for single client is up to 18 million rubles.
  • The warranty period is up to 8 years and 1 month

Types of guarantees

  • Tender guarantee under the Federal law 44-FZ, 223-FZ
  • Advance payment refund guarantee under 44-FZ, 223-FZ
  • Performance guarantee under 44-FZ, 223-FZ, 615-PP
  • Guarantee of warranty obligations under 44-FZ, 223-FZ

It is easy to get express guarantees without visiting a Bank


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You can find out the rates for issuing bank guarantees from contact persons

Mr Bronislav Sergeevich Biran

(495) 411-77-47 ext. 3883

Mr Artem Maksimovich Minchenkov

(495) 411-77-47 ext. 3893

Mr Maxim Alexandrovich Kurko

(495) 411-77-47 ext. 3833