Depository services

Depository services

The Bank provides its clients with a full range of Depository services on the stock market, providing services for both equity and non-equity securities, in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. The Bank has the license for Depository operations without limitation of the validity period No. 045-03175-000100 from 04.12.2000 G.

The Depository performs its activities on the terms of combination with brokerage, dealer and securities management activities in accordance with the licenses of a professional securities market participant.

The Bank performs the following operations with equity securities:

  • Deposit (acceptance) of securities from the register
  • Issuance of securities to the register
  • Conducting settlements with the Central Depository - non-Bank credit organization "National settlement depository" (NSD JSC)
  • Crediting securities to depo accounts
  • Debiting securities from depo accounts
  • Operations for fixing encumbrances/ terminating encumbrances on securities and (or) limiting / removing restrictions on the disposal of securities
  • Conducting changes on depo account balances based on results of exchange operations

The register holders:

  1. Limited liability company "Register-RN"
  2. Joint Stock Company "Registrator R. O. S. T."

Contact person

Head of the Depository operations sector

Mrs Gruzinova Elena Anatolyevna

Phone: +7 (495) 411-77-47 ext.3877