Salary project

Salary project


  • Reduces the volume of cash and accounting operations
  • Reduces the loss of working time used to collect wages
  • Reduces the risks of storing and transporting cash intended for payment to employees
  • Ensures confidentiality of salary payments
  • Eliminates the queues for the salary


  • No risk of storing cash
  • Ability to pay for goods and services in retail and service outlets by a Bank's plastic card without charging any commission around the world
  • Possibility to pay for various types of services via ATMs of the Bank and on the Internet
  • Ability to get one or more additional cards for yourself or your family members


  • Saving your own time when receiving your salary
  • Prompt crediting of funds to employees ' accounts
  • High efficiency of payroll process management
Commercial terms of cooperation of Bank and enterprises in the framework of the salary project are discussed in the negotiating process and depend on the number of employees, size of wage fund and the complex of additional banking services.