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Google Pay

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Google Pay ™ is a convenient and modern payment service that allows you to make payments using a smartphone with the Android operating system.

More about Google Pay

How to use the contactless payment service


1. A smartphone must meet the following requirements:

  • Android 4.4 (KitKat) or later operating system version;
  • The operating system version must not be the developer version;
  • NFC functionality on your device;
  • No additional security modules installed by the device manufacturer.

2. The smartphone must be connected to the Internet.

3. Availability of a valid main or additional Visa card issued in your name, to which the SMS-informing service is connected.

To Google Pay you can add Visa payment system cards issued by Alef-Bank. 

To enable the payment service, you must add a bank card to the Google Pay app on your smartphone, creating a digital representation of your card (digital card). This procedure can be performed via the mobile app "Alef Online".

How to pay

Unlock the smartphone screen and bring it to the payment terminal that supports contactless payment. Payment accomplished.

Before making a payment, make sure that the NFC function on your device is active and the amount shown on the terminal screen corresponds to the purchase amount!

If the terminal requests a PIN code, you must enter the PIN code of the bank card that the digital card is linked to.

Please note that for successful payment your bank card PIN code must be activated (i.e. entered during any transaction with a bank card that has a digital one attached).

To pay via Google Pay at a payment terminal, you do not need Internet access on your smartphone.

Click on the "Google Pay" icon. Follow the prompts to complete your order.

When using Google Pay as a payment method, you will no longer have to enter your card details in apps and on Internet sites, what significantly saves you time when making a purchase