Faster payment system

About the service

  • Alef-Bank customers can send and receive transfers in rubles by phone number in the mobile app and online banking
  • Transfers are made via the Bank of Russia's Faster payment system (FPS)
  • The customer can choose current or card accounts for the transfer


  • The transfer currency is Russian rubles
  • The minimum amount is unlimited
  • The maximum amount of transfers sent by a single customer from all Bank accounts: the limit for a single transaction is 300,000 rubles; limit per day is 600,000 rubles, and 1,500,000 rubles per month
  • No transfer fee is charged
  • The transfer delivery time is instant in mode 24/7

How to send it 

  • Select "Payments and transfers", then "Faster payment system" or click "Transfer to another", then "To another Bank" and "by phone number"
  • In the opened window, select the account from which the money will be transferred, find the recipient in the contact list, and click "Next"
  • In the expanded window, select the recipient's bank, enter the transfer amount and click "Next"
  • Wait for transaction confirmation

How to set Alef-Bank as the default bank for transfers by phone number

In the WEB version

  • Go to the Internet banking menu "Settings" / "Faster payment system setup" / "Bank assign"
  • Click "Assign"

In mobile apps for Android/iOS "Alef Online"

  • Go to the Internet banking menu "Settings" / "Faster payment system"
  • Click "Assign"

How to select an account in Alef-Bank for crediting incoming funds

In the WEB version of "Alef Online"

  • Go to the Internet banking menu "Settings" / "Set up the Faster payment system" / "Set up a transfer»
  • Select an account for crediting incoming funds in the "Where to" window
  • Click "SAVE"

  For more detailed information about the FPS please visit the official website of the National payment card system on the Internet

List of participating banks of the FPS: