Safe deposit boxes

Safe deposit boxes


  • Rent for any period – from 1 day to 1 year
  • The rental price depends on the rental period and a size of a box
  • Wide range of sizes of safe deposit boxes
  • The client can grant the right to use his safe deposit box to a trusted person
  • A safe deposit box can store any items and documents at the client's discretion, including: money, securities, jewelry, important production or commercial documentation, and much more


  • Counting and authentication of banknotes by Bank cashiers 
  • Rent of a currency detector 
  • Using a cash counting machine (free of charge)
  • Power of attorney issued by the Bank for access to a safe deposit box (additional charge)
  • Providing a special mode of access to a safe deposit box


  • No one but the client or his trusted representative can use the key to an individual safe deposit box
  • There may be special conditions of access to a safe deposit box, which will prevent fraud when buying or selling expensive property, such as an apartment or car
  • Vaults with individual safe deposit boxes are located in a specially equipped room

   Addresses of the Bank vaults equipped with individual safe deposit boxes: 

  •    5 Bld 1, Moldavskaya str., Moscow
  •     41 Vernadsky Avenue, Moscow